About SweetWilliam, S.L.


SweetWilliam, S.L. was created with a clear mission: to bring advanced automation technologies to system integrators and end users, with a particular focus on the mobile platform. Our products enable cost reductions and increased productivity through the power of real-time, two-way mobile access to industrial platforms. We are committed to create friendly software tools and mobile applications helping automation integrators to achieve goals that where not easily feasible before.

Our team integrates highly talented software engineers coming from several industrial fields with a specialized background in process automation and control software development. We count both on Junior and Senior engineers and many external collaborators, which help us to focus on developing innovative automation software for a wide range of applications.

Our first product -now discontinued- was ScadaMobile. Taking Apple’s iPhone platform as a basis, we developed an application which was able to supervise remotely any process controlled or monitored by PLCs or RTUs in a very efficient way. Instead of relying on web server and web browser technologies, we implemented all industrial communication protocols from scratch using low level programming. Thus, we were able to offer a very responsible application which allowed users to connect to their remote systems in a very convenient way.

The new HMI Pad system apps are build on the basis of high performance, extensively proven, industrial grade PLC communication drivers already available to us for the iOS platform. The system consists of a set of components to help automation engineers and machine manufacturers with no iOS programming background to create graphic HMIs that would run natively on iOS devices .

We are based in Girona but we offer global services and products and we evolve our products according to global user requests and feedback. Do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiry.




John Lluch Zorrilla

Founder and CEO 

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