Important note

To all Clients and HMI Pad users,

due to the onset of a disabling health condition, on June 2015 I had to stop development of the HMI Draw/View apps. In a matter of months my health problems rapidly worsened and it became clear that I would no longer be able to continue this business. I eventually transferred the management of the server infrastructure in the Apple CloudKit servers to Greg Maendel (GregM in the forums), to whom I am very thankful, who kindly took care of the integrators server as well as giving uninterested technical support to users. We also identified several companies that could be interested in further app development. However, after several meetings I was not able to reach an agreement with any of them because they required me to join as a product manager or chief developer for the HMI Draw/View apps, which I could not satisfy due to my progressively worsening condition (a type of peripheral polyneuropathy). Other companies just aimed at my list of customers in order to expand their existing business, but they kept little interest on further HMI Draw app development, which was far from ideal to me. Ultimately, I decided to open source the app because I still believe HMI Pad is a great product, possibly still unrivaled by any competing product, and there are many satisfied users that have invested their time and money in developing their own solutions based on the apps.

The apps source code is available for free on GitHub:  Right from the very beginning, the apps have been steadily and consistently increasing their number of users, and this trend has continued also during the last few years despite no new updates. I strongly believe that the remaining potential is huge. Opportunities to bring the HMI Pad system to a whole new level also include the development of a desktop version of the HMI Draw editor, the integration of the HMI View app with a custom peer to peer service to enhance and exploit advanced remote access capabilities, and the development of a local hardware box to relay an unlimited number of HMI View users to single PLC units,  all of which were in my roadmap before I became ill.

I feel sorry and sad for I can no longer support the apps. I wish that someone will eventually take on my hard work of several years and will bring back the apps to the place they deserve. Anyone with experience on iOS development and connexions with the world of PLCs should be able to successfully take this challenge and greatly benefit from it. The bulk of the job is already done and I would be very happy to see this happening.


Joan Lluch-Zorrilla

(Founder, SweetWilliam S.L.)

Tuesday, 25 April 2017.

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