We develop Mobile Applications for Real Time monitoring of industrial PLC based systems and processes, with a particular focus on the iOS platform.

Our ScadaMobileModbus Gem and HMI Pad system native iOS applications provide instant bi-directional access to Data Values of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) supporting all major American, European and Japanese brands.





The ScadaMobile and Modbus Gem apps are native iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch applications for simple Real Time monitoring of industrial PLC based systems and processes.

You are able to present values in a fully customizable list supporting pages, sections and a variety of controls.



The HMI Draw and HMI View apps represent our latest bet in the field of real time monitoring of industrial processes.

These apps work as a coupled system where industrial automation integrators develop fully graphical HMI applications, and deploy on-line to customers or end users.

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Feature Comparison Table

  Modbus Gem ScadaMobile  HMI Pad 
Runs on iPhone/iPod yes yes yes
Runs on iPad yes yes  yes
Unlimited number of Tags and PLCs yes yes yes
Direct PLC communications, no intermediate boxes yes yes yes
Advanced Expressions Engine yes yes yes
All Data Types supported including Arrays and Strings yes  yes yes
Edition of Projects using an external text editor yes  yes yes
Support for Modbus Communications yes  yes yes
Native Support for all major PLC Brands* no  yes yes
Full edition of Projects from within the app no no yes
Expressions Engine supports Dictionaries no no yes
Full graphic interface with graphic HMI like objects no no yes
Integrated remote deployment of Projects to End Users no no yes
Historical data logging and trending no no yes
Historical alarm logging and filtering no no yes
Project based user accounts with configurable access level no  no  yes
Quick bar code scanner supporting all major code symbologies  no  no  yes 
Recipe support  no no yes


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