User Feedback

“After really thoroughly testing ScadaMobile, the first time for a long time I have seen such high qualtity in software and documentation. Excellent !”

Philip Herbert
Carl Knauber Holding GmbH und Co
Bonn – Germany

“I love your product!”

James Davis
Opto 22
Temecula, CA, USA

“I am a very happy person now that I can offer all my customers such a cost effective, yet versatile solution to the remote access and control. Everyone at SweetWilliam is a hero in my eyes – you have done well and I look forward to working with your products over the coming years.”

Carl Fisher
OKC Products, Inc.
Berthoud, Colorado, USA

“Really well-planned, stable and with great ability to sort your data into pages and categories. The performance is pretty good, there is even no noticeable delay between switching and the action using a WLAN. And even GPRS is fast enough.”

Marco Jakobs
Kerpen – Germany

“I’m very excited about the possibility of offering this software with an ipod to my customers instead of a traditional touchscreen. I think my customers are going to like the freedom and a better price.”

Troy Clark

“Let me say that this app is, for lack of better words, AWSOME!!”

Chris Lamperti
Hyak Electroworks, Inc.
Vancouver, Washington – USA

“You have done an excellent job with your software.”

Clifford Jones
Narly Software
La Habra, CA, USA

“You would not believe the application I have developed. I love it. I haven’t had this much fun since I did my first Rockwell Control Logix SERCOS project back in 1998. I have three .csv files running flawlessly talking to three different processors over wireless. A week ago I had no front end, now I have an app for all three stations! LOVE SM! Still It’s so freaking easy to make a new station, find, replace, save, transfer, and boom it’s done!
I am running 700 tags, 1700 lines of code with no problems. Awesome product.”

Mike Mead.
North Carolina, USA

“ScadaMobile is not just ‘yet another Scada/HMI package’ but a truly innovative product. It is build on top of a stable, highly optimized, scalable foundation specially designed for the mobile platform. The product has a number of distinctive features that even the most sophisticated scada packages do not offer. It is very powerful and fun to deploy and use.”

John Lluch
Girona, Catalonia
SweetWilliam, S.L.

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