HMI-Pad Examples

Several examples are available for the HMI Draw application. You can freely download them from here at your convenience and install on HMI Draw.


Version 2.1.0 Description Size
Example-ControlsSuite.hmipad This example project displays several controls and indicators on screen such as Sliders, Bars, Gauges, Knobs, Buttons, Switches and more. Users can interact with controls to cause dynamic value changes affecting indicator values, and appearance 33.9 KB
Example-MultiLanguage.hmipad Demonstrates how multi-language support can be easily implemented on HMI Draw 3.1 KB
Example-CommsDemo.hmipad Several PLC connectors are added to this example project for communications with an Allen-Bradley CompactLogix, a Siemens S7 1200, an Omron CJ1 and an Allen Bradley Micrologix PLCs. Number fields are placed on a single screen to allow users to control (read/write) values in these PLCs 8.1 KB
Example-IndicatorScale.hmipad This example demonstrates value changes in several interface indicators. Scale maximum value can also be set in a dynamic way using the Continuous Value property of a slider control item. 15 KB
Example-Multitouch.hmipad This example demonstrates multitouch detection. We enable particular controls only when two buttons are pressed simultaneously. 7 KB
Example-PageTransition.hmipad This example demonstrates page navigation using controls. Each page has a unique ‘pageIdentifier’. We use the ‘linkToPage’ property on controls to let users switch pages. 14.7 KB
Example-TextColorAndSize.hmipad This example demonstrates text size and color changes using slider controls. Color components are set using three different controls. The sliders set the red, green and blue components (RGB) of a text label. By using the ‘continuousValue’ property of the slider object, all changes are performed in real time. 10.4 KB
Example-VerificationText.hmipad This example demonstrates the ‘verificationText’ property of controls. We use the ‘continuousValue’ property to catch the control value before it actually changed and give us the opportunity to filter user action. 11.3 KB
Example-TimeConversion.hmipad This example demonstrates the use of expressions to perform data conversions. On each page a different concept is presented. Navigation through pages is implemented using generic way by means of expressions. 79.2 KB
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