The System Components

The HMI Pad is a set of native iPad applications and services for developing Human Machine Interfaces for real time monitoring of industrial PLC based systems and processes.

The system consists of thee components: the HMI Draw app, the HMI View app and the HMI Pad Service


HMI Draw:

The HMI Draw app allows system integrators to develop Human Machine Interface (HMI) projects right on an iPad.


HMI Pad Service:

The HMI Pad Service is a server in the cloud that lets you store Projects and associated assets such as custom images. Projects you uploaded to the Integrators Service can be deployed online to the HMI View app right from the HMI Draw app.


HMI View: 

End users use the HMI View app to run HMI projects that integrators created. 



The technical concept behind the HMI Pad system.


The HMI Draw app allows Integrators to build fully customizable HMI interfaces by simply adding visual items or other objects to pages.

Objects have properties that can be connected among them or to PLC tags through expressions. Virtually all object properties can be connected through expressions in a similar way than cells on an Excel spreadsheet.

Just as a spreadsheet program everything runs natively on top of the iPad processors, not through a web browser.

This extremely powerful architecture provides a fantastic environment for Integrators to create advanced HMI interfaces.


iOS Simulator Screen shot 20 Jun 2014 10.50.48

The HMI Draw app supports full graphical editing of projects with copy/paste/duplicate of items, tags, connections etc, even among different projects, and has unlimited undo/redo capabilities.

Advanced Integrators can chose to export projects into an editable text file and make changes to  projects using a text editor. The edited project file can be imported back to the application.




The HMI View app is the run only version app for End Users that should not have access to project internals. Thus, projects on the HMI

View app are deployed as non-editable, encrypted instances that keep your work safe of unauthorized copies.

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