hmi ipad performanceTo begin with, the HMI Pad System core components are 100% Native applications. This alone means a lot, as this is the one single aspect that makes it all possible. These apps have been designed from the ground up for maximum efficiency and speed, virtually independent of project size, number of pages, image sizes and even number of tags. We applied a number of advanced techniques on software engineering to achieve top performance, which only as a native application can be fully implement.

And by native we mean just that, we did not produce an app that just packages a web browser in it, or acts as a client of some kind of pages server. Instead, we took the steeper path and developed a truly native app. Our previous experience on the highly awarded ScadaMobile app and the availability of previously developed and fully tested pieces of code, allowed us to to so in an effective way.

The HMI Pad System is thus not web based in any way. Virtually all HMI systems running on tablets available today are some sort of web browsers or remote desktop clients. So far, very few companies have taken a different approach; for a reason, a web browser or a remote desktop client can quickly be cobbled together with an app, but this is not what we did.

If you are not convinced that a native app for HMI deployment is the way to go just think on this: all classic desktop Scadas have always been native applications, truly native apps running on PC hardware. They have been around for decades and they will continue being. The HMI Draw and HMI View apps run natively on Apple iPad hardware, this is what the HMI Pad System is about.

A well designed native app looks and behaves very differently than any web based app. Simply put, it provides a better user experience. You can test this right now by just downloading the HMI Draw app and start developing your HMI projects with it. Do not hesitate, you will feel the difference.


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