hmi pad securitySecurity is guaranteed on the HMI Pad System through the use of TCP/IP based encryption and several other techniques.

In most cases you do not need to worry about it. The HMI Pad System automatically handles it all for you provided you use strong passwords as required. 

On some areas you are directly responsible to apply the best practices to make sure that only authorized people have access to your PLC system. This is how the HMI Pad System helps you to keep your PLC system secure:

Local Wireless access to the PLC Network

Be sure that wireless networks are secure. Never make PLCs available over open WiFi spots. Always use WPA or better with a strong password to get your iPads into your PLC network.

Remote Access

For as much as possible, use a VPN to access to your PLC system remotely. VPNs provide the best possible approach, but unfortunately they may be very tricky to setup and only some kinds are available on the iOS devices. Depending on your needs, port forwarding could be still a valid choice if  you use a dynamic IP and carefully follow all the recommended measures.

PLC Validation Codes

Before our apps start polling a PLC they check for a code in the PLC and stop communications in case of validation failure. We strongly recommend you to use this feature. Validation codes help you to make sure your PLC system can not be reached by anyone using an uncontrolled instance of the HMI Draw or the ScadaMobile apps.  

Access to the HMI Pad Service

Security is automatically handled for you when uploading or downloading projects and files to the HMI Pad Service. Both the HMI Draw and HMI View app use encrypted SSL and certificate pinning to make sure only authorized users are allowed into the server. Your only responsibility here is setting strong passwords for user accounts.

Physical access to iPads

All mobile devices are specially vulnerable to unauthorized physical access or loss. This is particularly critical when they contain industrial control software. The HMI Pad system enforces you to enter passwords before you enter into the app and interact with your system. This also applies after the iPad entered sleep mode. So your PLC system remains secure even when you temporary loose sight of your iPad.

Projects in the HMI View app

Projects stored in the HMI View app are encrypted non-editable versions of your project files and they are tied to a particular device through the HMI Pad Service. Even if an user is eventually able to retrieve files through a jailbroken iPad or whatever other malicious means, HMI project files remain useless on other devices, and totally illegible and impossible to edit. 


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