Remote monitoring of a mini hydro plant in Bescanó-Spain

In this case Scada Mobile is being used to provide information about the state and running parameters of a mini hydro plant located next to the Pyrenees base mountains, on the Spain side.

bescanoBefore Scada Mobile, the customer used a web based system configured around an Omron HMI touch screen (NS series) with embedded web-server, which was connected to the internet through a GPRS router.

The customer looked for a more efficient way to be connected to his plant and consequently he tried ScadaMobile. Our solution provided him with a new light to his hydro plant because according to his own words “now I feel nearer to my facility even if I am many miles away, because unless the previous system, ScadaMobile brings almost instantly all the relevant information I want with only a single touch of an icon”. The customer also told us that he is now more confident giving orders to the system (such as run/stop or set-point changes) because of ScadaMobile’s essential lack of response delays.

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