scada-homeScadaMobile is the easiest way to monitor Registers and Variables, both read and write, of Programable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and RTUs in real time.

Instead of a graphical interface you setup a customized list with pages, sections and controls. Monitored variables appear on a list but ScadaMobile also supports alarms and events, displays trend graphs, scans bar codes, shows documents, plays audio, displays web pages, and even more.

As Easy as 1,2,3

  1. Create a simple 4 column Excel spreadsheet with a List of your PLC Variables.
  2. You can optionally add a wide range of attributes including the use of expressions to fulfill special specifications or to achieve advanced behaviors.
  3. Save the spreadsheet into a CSV file and Import into ScadaMobile.
  4. Set the PLC IP address in ScadaMobile.
  5. Monitor your process variables and values from anywhere.

Main Features

  • Support for all major PLC brands using Native, High Performance Drivers, at no additional cost.
  • Local or remote access. Any number of concurrent PLCs.
  • Direct App to PLC communication, no intermediate boxes or servers required.
  • TCP/IP based security.
  • Embedded Web server for direct File Import from your PC.
  • Configurable Accounts and Access Levels.

Other Features

  • Very fast response, independent of project size or number of tags. Immediate connection and display. You will connect and navigate through your process faster than you are able to browse your iPhone Contacts.
  • Advanced Event Driven Expressions Engine featuring the Ruby language syntax, which includes functions and methods for any requirement.
  • Boolean, Integer, Floating Point, Strings and Arrays of any type are thoroughly supported for all protocol drivers and the Expressions Engine.
  • Document File Viewer to display Files or Web Sites on demand, including Video Streams, all fromthe same app.
  • Ability to Play Music from user included Audio Files or the iPod Music Library based on any conditions.
  • Integrated Bar Code Reader.
  • Alarms, Trend Graphs.

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