ScadaMobile Features

You can Present your PLC data in fully customizable lists with Pages, Sections and Rows using Numeric Fields, Texts, Sliders, Bars, Buttons, Switches, Pickers and more. Color, Format, Scale, Range  and other attributes can be applied to controls. Sophisticated expressions can be used for special presentation requirements or custom calculations.



  • Button
  • Switch
  • Segmented Switch
  • Slider Control
  • Data/Text Picker
  • Formatted Input Text
  • Formatted Label
  • Bar Code Scanner
  • Document Viewer
  • Audio Player

Data Input and Presentation 

  • Present values in a highly customizable list and instantly read and change values.
  • Enter numeric data including Decimal values (Integer, Real) Binary and Hexadecimal.
  • Enter Text Strings either directly or pick them based on Lookup Table.
  • Use the built in Bar Code Reader to read barcode information and transfer to your PLC.
  • Freely arrange PLC data into Pages, Sections and Rows.
  • Show/hide Pages, Sections or Rows based on PLC tag values or internal values.
  • Play Music or Audio Files Based on PLC tag values or any conditions.
  • Display Documents such as PDFs, DOC files, WEB pages, images and more based on tags or any conditions.
  • Switch pages with a simple shift gesture or based on PLC tag values or custom calculations.

Key Features

  • Supports all PLC data types including BOOL, INT, SINT, DINT, REAL, STRING, ARRAYS and more.
  • Any number of concurrent PLCs all monitoring at the same time on the same pages, sections.
  • Fully integrated Advanced String and Array Expressions allow for combining and displaying data in any way.
  • Full range of Attributes such as Color, Blink, Hidden, and boolean Texts based on complex expressions.
  • Integrated Bar Code Scanner to pick data and move it to PLCs. Most bar code types are supported.
  • Integrated WEB browser allows for displaying WEB pages and any WEB based source.
  • High performance communication drivers and thorough event driven architecture allows for deployment of thousands of PLC tags with no performance constraints or any other limitations.

Alarms / Trends

  • Set alarm conditions based on value or boolean state.
  • View current and past alarms in an ordered list with acknowledge feature.
  • Receive local notifications while the app is in the background.
  • Create any number of trends with any number of plots in it.
  • Switch trends by scrolling left or right.
  • Select plot interval.
  • Go to landscape for a full screen representation.

Features for OEMs

  • Create a custom configuration in MS Excel and deploy for final customers.
  • Lock down your configuration and the entire application with account levels and passwords and decide what your end users will view.
  • Add your company logo on top of the screen.


  • Free unlimited e-mail support even for the free SM ONE version (*)
  • Support given in English and Spanish.

(*) We attempt to reply to any support request within the next 24 business hours. Support is given for free within reasonable terms. We reserve the right to occasionally refuse or ignore any support request that we may consider irrelevant or that manifestly comes from someone who does not understand or cares about very basic concepts.

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