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ScadaMobile Interaction

An exploration of ScadaMobile through several examples using a real device. Back end data is provided by an Allen Bradley Micrologix Controller and an Omron CJ1 PLC.

ScadaMobile At Home

The owner of this house had already all wall buttons, lamps and blinds wired to distributed input/outputs of an industrial PLC. So she just mapped cell rows on ScadaMobile to relevant registers in the PLC, and made the PLC available from her WiFi network. She got an instant remote control for her entire house. No changes were needed on the PLC. Although ScadaMobile is not particularly designed for home use, it was a perfect fit on this property because an industrial Logic Controller was already there.

How to Create a Project from Scratch

This video demonstrates how to create a simple ScadaMobile project in Excel and how to transfer it to the iPhone with Firefox. Then the project is enhanced by adding additional tags in separate Sections and Pages.
The application is run with the presence of an Allen Bradley Micrologix 1100 Controller plugged into the same local network the iPhone has access to. The video does not show any communication setup, which is already configured as seen on the ‘overview’ video.

ScadaMobile Overview

This video starts by launching ScadaMobile for the first time. It runs two of the examples to show the essential features of the application including communication settings, tag types and styles, tag arrangement and graphs. The application is executed in the presence of an Allen Bradley Micrologix Controller with a validation tag already set in it. The Controller is wired to a local network the iPhone has access to.

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