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      Is it possible to show INTEGER & BOOL(button) on same row ?

      If INTEGER is assigned to unique tag-name, ealier in file as style="bezel";
      Would like to show integer value on left side of style="button".
      Button is momemtary that resets count(the integer).

      Currently integer is shown below button in mid of row.

      OR,can integer value can be shown within button, instead of current text "reset".



        It is not possible on the ScadaMobile app to have dynamic texts for the "label" and "comment" that appear on the left side of rows.
        However you can use expressions to dynamically show data as button titles. As per your request you can display any text including your INTEGER value as the button title. To do so you configure the row to be a button with the 'style=button' attribute and then use the 'button_label' attribute to display a custom text. For example: button_label = myInteger.to_s;

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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