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      I wondering what is a syntax in row A and C to access analog input module raw values.
      Let say my controller name is TEST, and module in slot 4 name is Local:4:I
      I have tried couple of combinations, but nothing work.




        What you enter in column A is only used for expressions in the app but it does not affect PLC tag specs. I am not totally sure if I totally get what you ask for. The ScadaMobile app does not support E/IP paths, you can only access to controller tags or program tags.

        To access controller tags you just enter their name as they appear on RS Logix. Structure members, arrays, strings and so on are supported using the usual syntax. You can also access 'program' tags by using this:


        Note that ‘Program’ is literal. <program_name> and <tag_name> identify just what they suggest.



          Thank you for reply. I think you are right – I have issue with column C syntax. I tried multiple combinations, but I cannot access an analog input module individual channel value, under controller tags.
          I have multiple I/O configured in my program and for each i/o module I have corresponding tags under controller tags.
          For example for analog input module 4 the tag for all module looks like this:
          I can expend this tag and then it will give me a lot of subtags, including 8 tags for the analog inputs raw values – one tag per channel. It looks like this:
          I'm trying to read this value and every time ScadaMobile tells me that tag has an error or not exist. I suspect my syntax is not really correct.
          Last time I had following statement in column C:
          Where "test" is name of the program in my controller.
          Can you try it on your controller if you have one?
          Thank you.



            I currently only have a CompactLogix for testing purposes in the office so I can't add external units to it. What looks odd to me is such colon ':' characters in the name. As far as I know controller tag names in a Logix PLCs adopt a form like 'myTag' or 'myTag.myStructMember.mySubStructMember' or the like. For program tags it is the same syntax except that you precede them by 'Program:myProgramName.' Other than this I do not know of any other way. Also only tags accessing elemental types can be used, i.e you can't access a tag representing a struct, but you can access its members provided they are any scalar type BOOL, INT, REAL and so on, or STRINGS, or full arrays of these types or their individual elements. I hope this helps.



              Do you have any I/O modules attached to your CompactLogix? If yes, can you access a module channel value from scadamobile? Doesn't matter – analog or discrete. Just try to read the status/value of an individual input under controller tags.



                Hi, I only have a dummy CPU with no inputs or outputs. I test tags by setting them with RSLogix, so at this point I can't try what you suggest. I found this:


                according to page 19 you are already using the right syntax, so maybe this is not supported as such by the communications stack. I wonder if you can just move your inputs to internal controller tags and then use these instead. Does this make sense?

                I'd also recommend downloading the HMI Draw app (just $1) and try with it. From the point of view of communications It should be the same but at least you do not need to import a file each time you try something different, as you write the tag name right in the app.




                  I have created just a single integer tag under controller tags and still cannot access it from scadamobile. Can you write me an example? I couldn't find it in a manual



                    Dear John,
                    I wonder how to start a new topic in this forum..
                    anyway I am using the same Compactlogix CPU for Scada Mobile apps on IOS.
                    I create tag as below:
                    A xxtest1_Output
                    B BOOL
                    C xxtest1.Output
                    D page=”Parameter”; section=”Testing”; label=”xxtest1″; comment=”xxtest1″ ; write_access=5
                    FYI, the tag type is a AOI (Add-On-Instruction), one of the member of this AOI is x.Output, where x is a tag created under this AOI type.
                    In scadamobile, I am able to read the status of this tag “xxtest1.Output” but not able to change the status from scadamobile. when I tried to ,change the status from scadamobile, it return an error message “COMMS: Error in tag”
                    Please advise.



                      Hi John
                      Problem solved.
                      The property of that member in AOI tag must set to “Read/Write” instead of “Read only”, under AOI setting, at “Extrenal access” column

                      Have a nice day!

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