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      I am faced with a situation where I need to send alarms to mobile devices in real time. The alarm page in SM only works when the app is running, and this creates a problem. Is it possible to feature APNs (push notifications) somehow in SM? Maybe by sending emails to your server.. Or somehow within the app itself?. I’m sure you could have a subscription service for such a feature.. It may provide another source of income. Text messages will not work in my situation as I have controllers globally, and it is not feasible with all the different telco networks out there.

      Regards, Clayton



        Thanks for your inquiry. This is something we will address with a future product. As you said this requires an external server to manage push notifications, but to do it properly this also requires a computer at the PLC site picking up alarms and eventually sending them to the external server in order to be delivered (pushed) to the right device(s). On the other hand, the SM app is intended for real time connections, and you can keep the app running permanently, but it does not currently feature historic data or push alarms.


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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