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    Raf Olaerts


      I’am trying to give a slider a max “bouns” value that comes from a value from the PLC.

      For example
      Tag INT_MW0 is a memory word in the PLC that contains a value that changes constantly.
      The max Bounds in the slider chould be that value.

      i tried the following:

      BOOL_M3 INT HR101 ord:=203; section:=”COUNTER VALUE” ; write_access=0; label:=”Slide to set value” ; style:=”slider”; scale:={0,1,0,1}; bounds:={0, INT_MW0 }; suffix:=” puls”;

      this does not work :-(
      If you know what i’am trying to do could you pleas tel me what the correct way is to get this done?




        Raf, I understand your requirement. Unfortunately, this is currently not supported. There is no way to dinamicaly change the bound values of a slider control. We note this as a possible enhancement for a future release. Thank you very much for this suggestion.


        Raf Olaerts

          Thanks for the fast reply, that’s just great! :-)

          Reading you answer i saw a fauld in my question.
          Is not for the Slider is need dinamicaly bound value but for a BAR.

          Any chance that that is possible?

          Thanks again!



            Unfortunately it is not possible either. The same answer would apply. Thanks.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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