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      Is there a possibility to log data and save/print report.





        To answer this question you must consider that the ScadaMobile app connects *directly* to PLCs without any intermediate server or PC box.

        Any system or software that collects data from PLCs must be permanently connected with them. Then data can be stored on a database for later retrieval. A mobile app can be designed as a client app of said system collecting data and present that data to the user.

        The ScadaMobile app however is not that kind of app. As said, it's strength is that it is able to poll data from PLCs with nothing in the middle, and write data to PLCs as well. This can be done in fairly flexible ways. The app is thus intended to act as a fully configurable real time remote control -or simple HMI- for PLC based systems.

        Said that, we did consider at some time to offer a system to perform what you ask for, but since it would need an intermediate server in all cases, we found it hard to figure out how to position it in the market given that virtually all existing desktop scadas running on PCs already offer this. I'm open nonetheless to discuss options in case you think there's something we missed or there's indeed some real business to do on this.


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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