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      Another feature that would be cool to have is the ability to create a link that opens in Safari. My thought would be for this link to show up in the list of pages as if it were another page full of data, but instead open up a specific hyperlink. This could be used to link to a support website, instruction manual, wiring diagram, etc.

      Another thought if having the link show up in the list of pages would be difficult is some way to make pressing the logo at the top of the same page open a link in Safari.

      Now that I’m thinking about it both would be pretty cool.



        That’s an excellent idea. We will look at how easy is adding this feature. Thanks.


        Erik Olsen

          Would it also be possible to have that link open a pdf (or other document) stored on the iDevice to a specific page? I am thinking that if the user manual was in the ‘Other Files’ area in Scadamobile and the user clicked a specific link on a configuration page it would open the pdf to page 32, the section where information about troubleshooting is located.



            Although having links to open files stored in the device is a nice feature, it would not be possible to set them to open a particular page. To display a pdf on the iPhone screen ScadaMobile uses an api named UIWebView. It is basically a simplified version of the Safari engine that can display pdfs among other files such as pictures, text, doc files and so on. Unfortunately there is no way to programmatically open or go to a particular page on a file displayed using this. Actual pdf viewer apps are able do so because they are designed to display pdfs in a much more complex way, which SM does not intend or is designed to do. An alternative way, still using UIWebView, would be using internal links to html files, but this would require that the docs are build in html format, which is not always an option or even easy for integrators. Still, I would have to investigate whether this is actually possible. The remaining possibility is to have several pdf files already separated by areas and just open the required one at a time. For example if we provide a LINK tag type that integrators can put in rows to open files, then users can be presented with options to open such files as chosen by the integrator configuration.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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