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      i’m currently working on a project that mainly need to monitor their tanks (level, temperature and pressure). Most of the control is done locally to equipments and operator are always on the field. So this kind of stuff (iphone + scadamobile) will be a time saver.

      Forever, there is few things that will be very nice to have :

      Needed features:
      - Add the possibility to make the phone vibrate and play sound when some tag is 1 (it will mainly be used by an alarm system created in a plc).
      - Add to possibility to show information or tag value only when a tag is 1 (for example, when we have a high level on a tank, we will like to tell to the operator what to do such as shutdown a pump or close a valve). This could be used to temporally as a work around for an alarm summary.
      - Value should be able to take different forecolor or barkground color based on the value or a separated tag. This way, we can put in red a value that is in alarm or need the attention of the operator.
      - The display an icon to show that a tag is in alarm or not (could be controlled by a separate tag).
      - Get a big fat numeric pad similar to the one to make calls for entering numeric value instead of the current full keyboard.

      - When you flipping on the left side using finger, you should be bring to a page that list you all the available pages (this should be an option in a menu to let the user active it or not).
      - The little arrow in the top menu should be touchable. So when you touch an arrow, it change page.

      More candy (for those feature, I don’t care if I need to install a separate software on a server) :
      - Show popup based on tag value. This will be very useful for acknowledgement.
      - Alarm summary.
      - Add trend definitely (already requested by someone else, but +1).




        Thank you for your suggestions, we appreciate them. We will definitely consider adding at least some of them in a future release.


        SweetWillilam, S.L.



          Update: Most of these suggestions have been incorporated through successive releases.


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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