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      Hi, I'm a newbie and this software looks great. One thing I've come across that would save a lot of time would be the ability to create a group objects that would retain their positions relative to each other in portrait and landscape. Unfortunately I started trying this software after upgrading to iOS7. I am having trouble with loading images, they appear in the selection list but not on the page, is this an iOS7 compatibility problem. Also how do you declare an internal variable?

      Many Thanks



        Let me answer your several questions in order.
        1- Object grouping is not currently supported, but it will be in the future. Currently you can select several objects and drag or copy/paste them all together, they will retain their relative positions.
        2- On iOS7 there are a bunch of known issues and interface glitches that appear for the version currently on the store (v1.0.2 ). We have been working on them and expect to push an update by next week (v1.1).
        3 – There should be no need to declare internal variables on HMI Draw as virtually all properties on objects can be accessed and they support expressions. However if you still need to store temporary values on a variable you can create objects of type 'expression'. This is available on the Model Browser through the 'Background Items' section. An 'expression' object can have any name and has a single property that holds a value. It also supports assignment though expressions. This can be used to exactly the same effect of an internal variable.
        I Hope this helps.



          Hi John

          Thanks for such a prompt and thorough reply.

          My plan is to use a schematic as a background image. There is likely to be 20 devices (valves, pumps etc) represented on each page, with status lamps. Then to use the tap recognition to individually toggle the hidden property of a group of controls and indicators for each device.

          With the grouping thing, there would be 10-12 objects per device on each page, managing this many without grouping might make my plan unworkable.

          I have the toggling with the tap recognition working, but I used 2 added expressions each to generate the toggle. Maybe there is a more economical way to achieve this?


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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