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      It would be good to have the ability to copy and paste items between the pages retaining their original positions.
      This would accelerate of creation a screen template based on the same repeated elements.




        Yeah, is is possible in Siemens WinCC.



          Hi all,

          Currently, when you paste an item on a page using the menu that appears after a long pressure on the page, the item is pasted centered at the location where you made the long pressure. This is by design.
          If you want objects to be pasted at the same relative position on the new page, that is retaining its original position, then you can do it from the model browser. The procedure is this:

          1- Copy the object as usual.
          2- On the model browser go to the page where you want the object to be pasted
          3- Tap on the actions menu
          4- Tap on "Paste"

          The object will be pasted at the same location than the original. In turn this makes easier to paste an object onto multiple pages at the same location by using the model browser.

          After reading your request my first thought was that we could add a "paste" option on the menu that appears on the page thumbnail. But after a while I realized that this was a bad idea because a "paste" option already appears there after you copied a page. I think that having a "paste" on the page thumbnail also for objects would be confusing rather than helpful.

          I hope the current way to do it is useful for you. I am open to further suggestions.




            This is a very good tip.


          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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