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      I would be pleased if software for editing HMI DRAW for PC was available..
      The HMI DRAW on iPad are awesome!! If it also was an editor for PC, it would be great!



        Hi, There is no graphic external editor, but you can export a project as a text file and edit it on a regular text editor, then reimport to the app. This is an advanced very powerful feature.
        Editing the project as a text file allows you to create repeated parts, add tags in bulk and virtually editing anything that you can do from within the app. This is briefly documented on the HMI Draw Reference Manual and some recommendations are given.



          Do you have plans to have the editor running under MAC OSX? If not is the API fully documented and available so that we can roll our own Mac based editor?



            @Buck, I have replied to you privately. Thanks.




              I too am using a mac and this would be a great feature to be able to edit offline or possibly even with an emulator. Especially for larger projects.



                Long time Mac user, just recently getting into PLC programming. After doing my first project in Visual Studio (using Parallels for Windows) your program only took a fraction of the time to adapt to. Yes a Mac IDE would be a great tool to have. Perhaps its time for a crowd-source funding campaign!

                cheers, David

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