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      I have ten users with different Access Levels.

      I have textboxes assigned to the UserName and password.
      but it’s not working as expected.
      I have a textbox with “Jim” typed into it, it’s called userNameTF1
      I then Go to (Model Browser – Users – User1 – userName) and type in userNameTF1.value
      the current string “Jim” then populates the userName property. but the expected result would be to have userNameTF1.value in the property and have the actual string appear in the top right of the userName proprty line.
      Is this a limitation or a bug?
      I need the end user Administrator to be able to add and remove users.

      thanks for any help.



        Hi Greg,

        What you request is not available/supported. If you look at the property fields on the user configurator you’ll notice that they have a white background as opposed to a pale yellow one.

        All object properties on a white background are constant, read only, values. Another example is the page identifier property in the page object. So you are able to temporarily use a formula to get a value in them but the formula is not permanently stored in the field but just a constant value.

        In the case of project users only you as developer can add or remove them and assign their access level. When this must change you must submit a project update.



          I’m guessing it’s the same way with the Slave ID on a Modbus Tag?
          Is there a reason for this?

          I have a bunch of Thermostat’s with the same program in them and a different Slave ID’s.
          I’d like to be able to jump from Thermostat to Thermostat with just using a Array Picker.
          I know I can probably do this by duplicating the tags and just changing the Slave ID, then I’d have it change tag on every individual object based on where the array picker is.
          but that would be a lot more work..

          thanks for any help.


          Carl Fisher


            I use HMI Draw to develop apps for oil & gas well monitoring and control and I have the same problem. I have the same project app for multiple Oil & Gas well at the same location but ren into the problem of:
            “How do I address each individual well on location via the local wireless network where all the wellhead control systems are on the same network?”

            I resolved this issue by just creating multiple “Connectors” for the same HMI project and setting the tags for each connector to the different Modbus Slave Id’s. This way, when I open the Connectors Panel, I just select the connector with the appropriate Slave ID, close it when I am done, and open another Connector to view other wells.

            Carl Fisher

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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