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    Hi Joan,

    Another feature that would be nice is a “combo box” or “drop list” style selection for register data entry. For example if you used a lookup table to display strings for a user to select from when writing a value to a register. On the iPhone it would be the scroll wheel that is used to chose from a predefined list of values, like when entering dates and such.





      Hi Clint, that’s an excellent idea. I definitely will look into it for a future release.





        Just wanted to let you know that this will be available on the next version (v 1.4.5). Thanks



        just updated my iPad install, going to test the new feature immediately. Thanks john!!


        John, do you have any example .csv files or an updated manual for the new features?



          Clint, we have been working on an upgrade featuring expressions in attributes as a separate branch that was meant to be released before 1.4.5 including an updated manual. However, users reported several bugs on 1.4.4, which made us to release 1.4.5 and 1.4.6 updates. This delayed somewhat both the upgrade and the manual, which is now expected by next week. It also adds a new set of examples.

          To use a picker wheel for input you just need to set style=lookup on a writable tag. The bounds attribute is used to specify the available range in the wheel. Actually, the bounds attribute does the same as before, but it also limits the selectable range on lookup styled tags. So for example.

          selected_value INT HR1 label=”select an option”; style=lookup; bounds={0,2}; write_access=0;
          entry0 LOOKUP 0 no selection
          entry1 LOOKUP 1 first selection
          entry2 LOOKUP 2 second selection

          Will present a picker wheel to the user with three possible choices in it (“no selection”, “first selection”, and “second selection”), which will write 0, 1 or 2 to HR1.


        Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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