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      I've a allen bradley micrologix 1400 (w/ embedded ethernet port). I've tried to configure "scada mobile" to the controller using revised micrologix-one.csv & contrologix-one.csv, w/o success. Works okay w/ modbus-one.csv, as micrologix 1400 supports modbus tcp/ip. Works okay w/ kepware (which i've configured w/ driver = allen bradley contrologix, device = micrologix 1400).

      Pls. advise. Thanks.



        1. must use the EIP/PCCC validation_tag for ML1400
        2. ML1400 is NOT ControlLogix type addressing
        3. must use EIP/PCCC protocol

        If you have not already got it working,
        I will guess the validation tag is issue.

        I use; N98:0 = 1400 (578 hex)
        The 578 is also entered in iOS device.

        Also, I embed the controller IP address on first CSV line.
        This at end of first tag row in CSV file;
        local_ip:=""; poll_interval = 0.50;

        hope this helps




          I’ve tried to configure “scada mobile” to the Micrologix 1400 using revised micrologix-one.csv file.

          I got the manage “Validation Failure: SLC/MICROLOGIX Controller reported an error for tag “N98:0″ or did not recognize it . ”

          I tried the “1400″ and “578″ on validation code , with no success .

          There is another validation code ? how can I Set a new validate code? I did not find any N98 on AB documents .

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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