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      I use this excellent software in the multiple applications and I have one question.

      It’s possible to include in the CSV configuration file, adresse and host connection? If the response is OK how to do it (Syntax)?
      In fact is not friendly to change in the setting connection adresse when I change off application connection…. It’s more simple to change of CSV file..

      Just for fun I use it in 2 applications (With Schneider PLC):

      Still (Alcool production in Cognac region) supervising.
      Centrale heating control in the big house.


      Thanks for your responses

      Eric from France



        You can set the PLC address and port right on the csv file if you want. To do so you use ‘local_ip’ and ‘local_port’ attributes. If you use the default port, the latter can be omitted. For example add the following in Column D of any row.


        You only need to set this once in just one row because this is a global attribute and thus it affects the whole file. When a file contains these attributes, the app ignores for that file what you set on the Settings tab.



          Thanks for this quick response.

          Your solution it’s compatble with dyndns.. adresse?


          Eric G



            You can use a dynamic IP as well. Just type your DNS name instead of the IP numbers. For example:

            remote_host=””; local_ip=”″;

            Dynamic addresses are mostly used for accessing form the Internet, this is why it is advisable to enter both the local and the remote settings. This way SM will automatically chose the right one when you have local access or internet access.

            Note that for remote access using a dyndns address you need to configure your ISP router with NAT settings, and a dyndns account. You also need to enter your router’s gateway address on your PLC configuration. For the most typical cases, the procedure is explained in the User Manual.




              OK super

              I just tried.. All is ok

              Many thanks

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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