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      Hi, I have your product working with a compactlogix processor, and a modbus ethernet io module. Both work really well and I love your product.

      I would like to now monitor several Omron (Fins/TCP) G9SP safety controllers.

      The issue I have is with the validation code. I was able to connect with “dumb” modbus ethernet io easily as there is no validation code with modbus/tcp, but since there is one with fins I have a problem.

      The G9SP has 32 bits of communication input data and 32 bits of communication output data. I cannot change tag names, nor do I have words to work with.

      Is there a way to disable this feature in scada mobile?

      regards, Clayton.



        There is currently no way to disable the validation code feature on the ScadaMobile app. The app allows you to chose a validation tag with the ‘validation_tag’ attribute, and in the case of Omron only tags in the DM area can be specified. As I understand from your post, G9SP controllers do not provide any word in that area, so unfortunately there may be no workaround for ScadaMobile to work with them.

        Whether we should add the ability to disable the validation check all together is something heavily debated in our labs, the general conclusion so far is that we are not comfortable with it.

        Said that, we will try to fetch more information about G9SP controllers and will think about what we can do to support it.

        Thanks for your feedback.



          Thanks for your response.

          Code disable would not be a problem in our case as we wish to only monitor status, and not perform any control.

          Another big benefit for code disable is it will provide forward compatability with the host of new generation devices that have ethernet interfaces. Items you may not have even considered as candidates for your app. Remote io is one example of this, currently only modbus can be used, but eth IP would be valuable to use. I open the electric gate at home with a $70 remote io board and your app. OEM’s could easily integrate iphone control into their products.

          Your product is exactly what we require, if we can get it working with the G9SP. If you could indicate the time required to make a decision on the useability of the app it would be appreciated, as we have some tight timeframes to get our product rolled out. We have no better options at this stage, and I really want to use your simple, powerful app.

          Regards, Clayton.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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