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      I’m having trouble using an activation code on a newer version of a project. The project was renamed from “Heat Zones v2-2.hmipad” to “Heat Zones v3.hmipad” and it appears the activation code is directly linked to the previous version of the project. Is there a way to link it to the newly named file? If not, what is the correct procedure for renaming and saving over the older file?

      When I read the deployment guide for v2 it seems there are a lot of changes with v3 of your software. Is there a newer version of deployment guide?

      I sent this request to the support link on HMI Draw a couple of days back as well.

      thanks, David



        The activation code is linked to the Project ID.

        If you turn on the Web Server and download both the new and old versions of the file, you can open the files in a text editor and see if the Project ID’s match. (line 3 of the file)



          Hi Greg,
          I have tried to use the contact form by e-mail and no reply from two weeks ago.
          I just start working with HMI DRAW App and I would like to start a project using a WAGO PLC 750-881 for a home automation project.
          One question that is very important :

          Can one Project activation code be used on 3 different iPhones or Ipads running HMI View around the house or I need to purchase the 5 pack activation code ?

          Otherwise I’m planning to use WAGO Web Visu for HMI Visualisation.



            I recently had to do this. I made a bunch of changes to a copy of the original HMI file not realizing the project ID wouldn’t match. I was able to open my new file in notepad and make it match the original. Thanks!

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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