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      I am trying to communicate to a Rockwell Micro820 PLC from ScadaMobile but get the following error – Validation Failure: An E/IP session was registered on the remote device but a controller could not be reached (Wrong controller slot number?). I have tried using the eip/native and eip/pccc protocols, but have had no success. Any Ideas?



        The Validation Failure suggests that you don’t have a tag assigned to the Connection Validation.

        are you using ScadaMobile or HMI Draw?

        from the ScadaMobile Manual:

        Note also that ScadaMobile performs a Validation Code security check before any other attempt to access other tags is made, therefore, it is mandatory to have a tag named “SMValidationCode” of type INT in your PLC for communications to work.

        if you’re using the EIP/PCCC Connection.
        Any INT value. This tag must be present in order for ScadaMobile to communicate. You may have to create a Data File number 98 of type Integer with at least 1 element



          I am using ScadaMobile.
          I have used ScadaMobile on ControlLogix and Micrologix PLC’s in the past with no issues, this is the first time using a Micro820. It seems like it cannot find the Micro820 as the error message says “(Wrong controller slot number?)”. I have configured the SMValidationtag in the global variables of the Micro820.




            I am trying to communication with Micro logix 850. Since this PLC work on native symbols, can you please confirm will it be able to communication EIP/PCCC. if yes then how would I create data file number 98 as in CCW address are not created. In that case how to create a Data File number 98 of type Integer with at least 1 element. or please guide better option for communication with Micro logic 850 with HMI DRAW APP.



              Dear Sir,
              I am planning to use Micro810, is that possible?



                And, is SCADAMobile has been replaced by HMIView? is SCADAMobile still in support? How to migrate from SCADAMobile to HMIView or latest compatible apps?

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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