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      When you want to switch between pages using the navigation bar, it’s very annoying that when you swipe your finger over the name of the page, the next page will be different then when you swipe your finger over the dots just below the name of the pages.

      I expect that swiping across the navigation bar will always result in the same action. Now,, the navigation bar is split up in different parts each with other functionality…




        Well, the dots are just a standard pager control that does not accept swipe gestures. The dots accept a tap on the right or on the left to move the interface on the opposite direction such as in the weather app or any other app with a similar control.

        On the other hand, the page name on the navigator bar implements a custom gesture that simulates a page swipe, such as in the photos app (or the weather app by the way).

        I suppose the source of the trouble is that both controls are too near one of the other and apparently doing opposite things. Maybe we got too far trying to integrate too much functionality in such a small space so we should disable one of them or maybe make the control zones more obvious to users.

        In theory, if you should be able to use a swipe gesture on the upper part of the navigator bar to shift the title, and you should be able to tap on the lower part (left or right) of the navigator to cause an automatic shift of the title (and page).

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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