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      I have encountered a problem that I would greatly appreciate some help with.

      Last December I was working on a project for a gentleman in the HMI Draw app, on a particular iPad that the gentleman provided, under my iCloud account. Once I got part of the program done I purchased the activation codes in order to download it into the HMI View app on a iPhone that the gentleman also provided. Everything worked fine, and I got an activation code and the project was able to be viewed on the iPhone.

      A short time later the gentleman asked for both devices back, iPad & iPhone, so he could return them. I backed up the project file to my iCloud account before I gave the devices back. He then purchased a new iPad and would like to continue work on the project. He can download the project file just fine to his new iPad, via the HMI View app, but cannot seem to get the project into the HMI Draw app.

      My problem is that I cannot seem to find a way to get the project onto the new iPad, into the HMI Draw app, to continue work on it. I am logged into my iCloud account but it asks for a server address and project file name to download the project. I know what my project file name is, but I do not know what the server address is.

      If I could receive some help with this I would be very appreciative.



        can you post a screenshot of the error?
        Do you know what version of HMI Draw you were using in December?



          I’ll try to get a screen shot tonight. I would not say its an “error”, just a question of how to get the project onto a new iPad into HMI Draw.

          I have no clue what version was on in December. I can only assume it was whichever version was available then.

          However, the version I have on the other iPad is much older. Would this be why I cannot get it I wonder?

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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