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      1 – The ability to have trends would be really helpful.

      2 – Any chance on there being an Android port any time soon?

      Excellent job guys!



        Trends is a fairly requested feature. We will add a way to display real time trends in the future which will pick up data from PLCs while ScadaMobile is on. The iPhone official SDK does not allow the iPhone to permanently run processes on the background. Therefore, an external server is needed to keep continuous track of data. For fetching historical data we are investigating OPC UA, which can give a source for past data to represent on trends. With support for OPC UA, users will be able not only to monitor real time data but to represent and analyze historical values and events from their OPC UA Server directly on their iPhone.

        For the Android platform we do not have plans at this time. We focus on iPhone OS development and we would rather first develop other applications for the iPhone or expand our offering to the iPad than we would switch or port the app to another platform. Our ScadaMobile solution is tightly integrated with the iPhone low level APIs, which is the reason why it is so fast. We are small as a company and we still believe that focusing on doing what we know most would benefit us in the long term.

        SweetWilliam, S.L.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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