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      I have don’t what you said. Under general it still says (No iCloud User). I am able to access other items off other apps off the iCloud. I have Five iPads that are doing the same thing. And no major changes have been made.

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        so I have tried doing it that way and it did not work.

        I have a tag on my PLC called Mill_Messages, it changes state depending on what step of the start up sequence it is in. IE 0 start up activated 1 startup horn 2 starting spinner 3 starting rotary valve and so on. Each one of those has a count down timer addressed to it. My HMI screen has a message block that displays the step it is in and the timer value IE ‘Starting Spinner – Done in (timer value) sec’ I would like to re create this on the iPad.

        The values on the steps are from 0 to 21 and there is a 100 value and a 200 value.
        My messages screen looks like this on Factory Talk

        1 Williams MIll Auto Start Sequence Activated
        2 10 Second Startup Horn Done in /*N:5 {[Kings Valley]SeqStartHMITimers[1]} NOFILL DP:0*/sec
        3 Staring Spinner Separator – Done in /*N:5 {[Kings Valley]SeqStartHMITimers[2]} NOFILL DP:0*/sec
        4 Starting Bag House Rotary Valve – Done in /*N:5 {[Kings Valley]SeqStartHMITimers[3]} NOFILL DP:0*/ sec
        5 Starting Bag House Air Pulse – Done in /*N:5 {[Kings Valley]SeqStartHMITimers[4]} NOFILL DP:0*/ sec
        6 Starting of Cyclone Rotary Valve RV207 – Done in /*N:5 {[Kings Valley]SeqStartHMITimers[5]} NOFILL DP:0*/ sec
        7 Checking Exhaust Stack Damper – 0% – Done in /*N:5 {[Kings Valley]SeqStartHMITimers[6]} NOFILL DP:0*/ sec
        8 Checking Exhaust Fan Damper – Done in /*N:5 {[Kings Valley]SeqStartHMITimers[7]} NOFILL DP:0*/ sec
        9 Checking Make Up Air Damper – Done in /*N:5 {[Kings Valley]SeqStartHMITimers[8]} NOFILL DP:0*/ sec
        10 Starting Exhaust Fan FN213 – Done in /*N:5 {[Kings Valley]SeqStartHMITimers[9]} NOFILL DP:0*/ sec
        11 Checking Main Fan Damper – Done in /*N:5 {[Kings Valley]SeqStartHMITimers[10]} NOFILL DP:0*/ sec
        12 Main Fan Start FN210 – Done in /*N:5 {[Kings Valley]SeqStartHMITimers[11]} NOFILL DP:0*/ sec
        13 Exhuast Stack Damper Check – Done in /*N:5 {[Kings Valley]SeqStartHMITimers[12]} NOFILL DP:0*/ sec
        14 Releasing Exhuast Fan Damper to Control – Done in /*N:5 {[Kings Valley]SeqStartHMITimers[13]} NOFILL DP:0*/ sec
        15 Releasing Main Fan Damper to Control – Done in /*N:5 {[Kings Valley]SeqStartHMITimers[14]} NOFILL DP:0*/
        16 Starting Dryer Mill – Done in /*N:5 {[Kings Valley]SeqStartHMITimers[15]} NOFILL DP:0*/ sec
        17 Starting Combustion Blower BL205 – Done in /*N:5 {[Kings Valley]SeqStartHMITimers[16]} NOFILL DP:0*/ sec
        18 Starting Air Heater – Done in /*N:5 {[Kings Valley]SeqStartHMITimers[17]} NOFILL DP:0*/ sec
        19 Waiting for System to get to Temp
        20 Starting Mill Feeder CV203 – Done in /*N:5 {[Kings Valley]SeqStartHMITimers[19]} NOFILL DP:0*/ sec
        21 Dryer Mill System in AUTO
        100 Dryer Mill System SHUTDOWN
        200 Dryer Mill System in Emergency Shutdown

        Can you help me figure this out?

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          I have One iPad with HMIDraw on it and Four With view. They are all iPad Airs. On the migration assistant it shows the first step complete but I cannot figure out what the login is for the Integrators service, so I’m stuck on the second step.

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            my cpu % never goes above 5

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              Im only having this problem in the edit mode

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                Well I haven’t had a problem moving images and the only change that was made was the update, but it seems to be isolated to one page.

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                  Yes this did work. I’m pretty new at this, and really have limited experience with this code. Is there some where you would point me to learn more about the basics of this code?

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                    Thank you that solved it!!

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